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Bruschetta, bruschette

Bruschetta, bruschette

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I prepared three kinds of bruschettas. The simple ones with olive oil, the ones with garlic and olive oil and the ones with tomatoes. All were very good ...

First we wash the tomatoes and cut them into small pieces. Wash the basil and finely chop it. Put the tomatoes and basil in a bowl, add salt to taste and olive oil. Mix well.

We slice the bread and fry it on a tray just greased with oil or the best on the grill !!!

When the slices of bread have been fried on one side, turn them on the other side.

When they are ready we put them aside.

How hot they are, we prepare them like this:

For simple bouquets with oil - on each slice of bread, while it is hot, put olive oil and sprinkle with salt.

For the bruschettas with oil and garlic - Grease each slice of bread with the cleaned garlic, then add oil and sprinkle with salt.

For bruschettas with tomatoes - Put tomato and basil mixture on each loaf of bread and sprinkle with a little oil.

Serve hot! (they are good and cold, but they don't taste the same)

Good appetite !